Once there was a girl called Sing and she had a pet dog called Massie, they were living in World War 1.
One morning very early Sing got woken up by the sound of bombs exploding and her mother calling her. “Quick Sing we have to go and hide!” “But mother how do we escape?” said Sing. “Darling, just come with me” her mother said.

They walked for a good three miles or so and hid in some thick woodland. Massie was a good heat source at night. Early the next morning, Massie started bumping Sing and her mother. They woke up and saw some soldiers coming in all directions. There was no escape, but they still had time to hide.
“Quick Sing hide in this cave” her mother said.
Sing was not usually scared of the dark, but this time she was terrified. The rock walls of the cave were cold. Then they heard loud booming sounds coming from outside. It sent shivers down Sing’s spine.
Just as they thought they would never escape Massie led them to a secret tunnel, it was dark and long but after about three hours of walking they finally reached the end of the tunnel, freedom and safety.
The End


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