I walked in the silver gates looking for a pet. As I guessed, a sheep dog was the first thing I saw. All the animals looked so beautiful. A guessing competition with a pet as a prize. I submitted my guessed 20.5kg and hoped I was right. The man began to talk, ‘You can go home and the weighing will be done by tonight.’ he informed the crowd.
I was walking across the green field back to my house. I was looking forward to having a hot chocolate when I got home to warm up as it was so cold out. I arrived to find my baby sister, Lily crying so loudly as mum was cradling her. The phone rang and I answered it, guessing it would just be one of my friends. But the voice was completely different. The man answered ‘Hello, you won the cow! Have you got a trailer?’
‘Yes, yes!’ I replied ‘I'll come and pick it up straight away.’ I drove straight to Lily’s and picked her up then went for the cow. We laughed all the way home and tried to think of a name. I came up with Lace.
I put Lace into a pen and my dog, Lazy was just standing there staring at it and wondering what it was. Dad came to the door of the yard and looked at the cow, smiled and said ‘What a beautiful cow she is.’

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