Lacey Finds A Home

This story starts as……oops! How rude of me, I forgot to introduce myself. Hi, my name is Lacey, a shoe. A shoe! How unusual, you are probably thinking. Well, I’ll tell you why I’m in a book, that’s because I am here to tell you an exciting story of how I found a home. Now snuggle down in a cosy corner, and I ‘ll let you know my interesting story.
Okay, why shouldn’t I start with a description of me? I am a beautiful, stylish golden-brown shoe with glitter on the sides. Not to brag, I‘m so beautiful that some of the fancy older shoes are envious of me, I just ignore them.
I think it’s time to start my story. So, it all started in a famous shoe shop on a peaceful street of Gold coast. I was chatting with my best friend, Sally, a pretty sandal with yellow flowers on it. Then suddenly a beautiful young lady, who seemed very rich came into the shop. Everyone in the shop froze, trying to look their very best so they would be bought. Soon, it looked like the girl would first come to me, everyone stared at me and my heart stopped beating, but just then the girl walked right past me without even noticing. She then stopped next to me and stared at a posh high heeled golden coloured shoe, which shined and looked like it has been waiting for the moment. “I, so have to buy this one”, she muttered, as soon as she said that, everyone else dropped their heads and went back to their own business. Sadly, all this happened, again and again, I saw rich girls, fancy girls, poor ones, shy ones, fussy ones but no one bought me, until one day when the shop was closing for the day. A little girl walked by swinging in her parent’s arms with her baby brother. When the girl saw the shoe shop, she began scanning the shoes, and her face dropped as she saw Sally. Sally exactly did the same. She then took a deep breath and looked at the next shoe – it was me. Her face glowed in one look, our eyes locked; it felt like we were born for each other. The girl then rushed to the shopkeeper, who was putting in the “closed” sign. “Please, please, please, Miss, I have to get that shoe”, she said, smiling her happiest toothy smile. “Annie, come back”, her parents said to their daughter. Aha! I thought Annie is her name. The shopkeeper nodded her head at Annie and rushed inside. I was so excited that I nearly forgot to say goodbye to Sally. It was only a last-minute purchase, but I treasured every second of it. That was it. This is how we both found each other.
Who knows what adventures the two of us could have together?............

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