Excellence Award in the 'Poetry & Short Story Writing Competition 2020' competition

Cracking noises was all that could be heard as the shiny bright eggs of shadow the dragonfly hovered above her nest waiting to meet her babies. The first dragonfly to break free of the eggs was Moonlight, the baby dragonfly stretched out two sets of transparent wings which had green patches on them and flew up. A few minutes later 3 baby dragonflies, all with their bludging eyes wide open providing them a full 360 degree view, they could see the sun was starting set, quickly they stretched out there wings and flew up to their mother.

Crack!, the last egg cracked open and pushing through it was a baby dragon fly with red and yellow flame like marks on it transparent wings. The mother dragonfly said “flame stretch out your wings and fly up to us”. Flame tried to fly up, his wing out stretched in the chilly late after air, his wings wouldn’t move. “Mum, I’m cold and my wings wont move” cried Flame. “it’s ok Flame its late, we will all come down and we can get you air born tomorrow.

While the dragon flies ate mosquitoes for dinner, their mother explained that they can only fly when their bodies are warm. “We well get a good night sleep and when the sun starts to warm our bodies Flame will be able to take his first flight” said the mother.
Flame woke up during the night watching the moon shimmered on him and thinking of flying up to see what was on the moon. He went back to sleep dreaming of what adventure he could have when he could fly.

The family sat together all with their wings stretched out soaking up the warmth from the sun. The sun was powering their bodies for them to be able to take flight. Their large bulging eyes were taking in their surrounding and the many bright beautiful coloured flower all around them. “I love the rainbow flowers best” said the mother to Flame as he stared intently at a patch of rainbow flowers in the meadow.
Flame spread his wings and took flight on his first try. “Flame, we will go to the river first to get breakfast, there are lots of mosquitoes there” said his mother. "I just want to check out these flower mum, I will be there in a minute” said Flame as he darted towards the rainbow flowers. As he flew in between the rainbow flowers, there was a purple flash and little did flame know he was being sucked through a portal. Flame’s entire body turn red with two yellow lighting bolts, he took a deep breath, to try and calm himself and when he took a breath out his breath contained fire.

On the other side of the portal his mother a siblings were calling his name and looking for him. Flame could see and hear his family however the portal was beginning to close.

To be Continued