Mountains Of New Zealand

Mountains of New Zealand

The gun went off and the deer dropped dead, that is the biggest buck I have ever seen said Bill. I need to get this home to a Lyn so she can cook it up, it will last us weeks. Bill’s up in the beautiful mountains of New Zealand and he needs to go home now so he can get to his wife Lyn. He started driving but he had a big drive a head of him it will take at least 5 hours to get home. Ka pow! The was a loud noise coming from outside next to the car. Bill got out to take a look, he had a flat tyre, but a little tyre wasn’t going to stop him, so he just kept on driving. Boom! Oh no there was still two hours until we got home, and the motor just died. Bill was not any kind of mechanic he did not know how to fix it. What bill did know was how to walk 150 kilometres back home and he also knew how to survive in the wild for months, Bill was going to walk home. There were plenty of good hunting spots around and he still has some left-over bullets and his gun he also had 1 hunting and fishing knife it would be long journey. But he started walking


So he has been in the mountains living off the land for a couple days and he is pretty good on food with everything he shot but he needs water he has tried getting water from the trees but it hasn’t really worked. So, he is trying to limit himself from water otherwise he might run out. Suddenly, he hears something shuffling around in that Bush over there but then it looked like the Bush was moving the Bush was moving! It turned around and just said Hahaha wait a minute said bill that’s not a Bush it’s a man!! The man kept on laughing, Bill said hello, what’s your name? he yelled have u ever heard of a living legend up here he goes by the name of PSYCHO SAM! No said bill, oh, well my name’s Sam anyway. So, can I help you? Sam said, well, Bill replied I’m trying to get home I’m walking. Where do you live said Sam, in Oamaru said bill, my gosh that’s a long way from home said Sam, yeah, my truck broke down on the road. Well crompy can take ya said Sam, who is crompy says bill, crompy is my truck now hop in said Sam.

Ok if u say so said bill. so, they took crompy all through the Bush to get to the road after an hour they finally got to the road. On the drive home bill was thinking, how sad Sam looked and the time he was lost in the mountains so he turned to Sam and said, Sam I want you to come and live with me and my wife o the farm, it would be cool. It only took about half an hour since it was downhill. Sam said, I have never had a family before!! Well what are you waiting for, lets head for home!! Sam said that would be great, he put the foot down om Crompy’s accelerator and said let’s blow this joint!!
It was a long trip, but Bill and Sam finally got home.

Lyn said to Bill where have you been? and who is that? that’s Sam he is going to come live with us for a bit said Bill. When they were home Sam loved life on the farm, but he knew he had to leave one day but that is for a different story.

The end
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