The Rage Of The Monster

The mud started to soak my leather boots. My head was swirling in a million pieces, my forehead dripped with sweat cooling my neck. My sister's yelling faded away as the moonbeams reflected the sweat on my forehead. I regret the choices I made today now knowing what happened. I feel like I was ignorant earlier; as hope slipped through my fingers.

That little girl is still off looking for her. So many questions I can't answer, but I think this: would I be able to handle seeing her again? My sister will try to find her, I will try to help her, we all have to.

I tell my parents what happened and they are absolutely distraught - they know what I mean - we have to travel to the village of Kuiando, the last hope for this world. They know we have to travel there, or the monster will rage. I was scared. People might think this is a joke and not go to the only island safe from the monster. The Marnoohoo people on the island have a magical barrier that can protect us from the danger, mainly from the Ilaroon people. The Marnoohoo people have a rule though, if you can do the challenge and succeed you will be given a pass to get in and out of the barrier.

This wasn't going to be easy. Not at all, this was going to be the most dangerous adventure yet. This was the beginning of my story, and the end of others that we couldn’t save. I was exhausted after the last battle, but I knew I had to wake up and get the others to battle. I thought of how much time I had left to help my crew. The battle was tough and my team was injured in so many different ways, including some whose path was near death. We continued fighting and everyone else was trying to make it through the barrier. My sister told me 50,000 people tried but only 1,000 made it through.

My blood went hot red as I began to draw my weapon. My hair flew back as I noticed it wasn’t normal. My sister told me so, after I took the shot. She couldn’t tell me it would put the world in danger. I had to learn myself...

We had defeated the monster that sadly had just killed my cousin, but at least the ones who made it through the barrier are safe for now. I had no opportunity to help them with the challenge. I bet they knew the answer right…

I wish they did but maybe that wasn’t a bad thing it happened, maybe it was a new beginning, maybe it was a lesson or maybe it was fate which sounds more believable.