The Odd Objects

Nobody knew where they had originated from. No one had even been there when they showed up. When word had spread about these baffling items, individuals had begun to rush from distant locations abroad. Sophie loved a puzzle, and she had travelled an extraordinary distance to check that the rumours were true She stood on the stone path that had been speedily tossed down to direct the inquisitive spectators through the scorching desert and looked in astonishment at the sight that welcomed her dazed eyes, although there were security guards there making sure that there was not to many people, Sophie pushed through all the people, she just could not wait! She than ducked under the caution tape and the security guards chased after her. Since these weird objects had probably fallen from the sky they were smashed in half enabling Sophie to climb up the side of the weird object and slide down the walls into the middle of it and the security guards were to slow and out of breath to catch up to Sophie and ever since that day nobody has seen her.