The Concealed Truth

On a freezing winters evening, 3 sisters named Holly the oldest, to Ember and Gemmy who are twins , ran into the golden-lighted museum to understand some details about ancient civilisations. Soon, time flew as fast as a missile and they soon realised that they were trapped in the museum. All they could think about was the negativism but started discovering the benefits until they reached something odd.
That odd thing was covered in gold with hieroglyphics written on it. Since Holly was learning hieroglyphics, translated it to English and it said to touch it. So, all the sisters did what was told by the mysterious piece of scripture was now stuck in a place saying north 24km Oslo or south 200km Stavanger. Suddenly, a paper in their hand began to write go to Oslo and say you are the descendant of the throne. Each of them agreed to the plan after a while.
Soon after the Norwegians bowed and proclaimed their new rulers as their past monarch didn’t exist anymore. Unexpectedly, the eldest started to hear someone talk to her (only her) saying to go to the great wall to devastate it by bringing the enchantment off. Holly started to feel uncomfortable and found about the wall as well planned a journey to the land on the other side of the wall with 5 soldiers without her sisters. She soon left and reached there in a flash. It didn’t seem that odd until they heard rustles behind the bushes.
Before any of the other humans could strike Holly crystalled the floor making them tremble. The other people bowed saying welcome dear Queen which shocked Holly. The leader started of saying your past is our past your majesty and so your quest for your father has begun. We can’t forbid any of the rules for this quest, but we can help giving you a starting point and explain the rule. Without a moment she left by herself to the north cape as told by the leader.
When she reached the topmost of Norway she looked out in the sea and saw a man staring at her, but Holly realised she knew him. She dived into the sea to reach him but ended in an ice palace. Holly with no clue what’s in, stepped in with fear to a solid statue. As soon she touched it unfroze. My dear child he started weeping telling the horrible past. He explained how the gods had punished him. Holly who was a loving person forgave her father and reunited their family. Plus, the wall which was created vanished in mid-air.
Aww, what a strange dream they all said at once. Holly and their sisters were amazed to have the same dream. Well this won’t actually happen especially in this pandemic Holly stated. All the siblings started to do their jobs to get ready for their online learning until, Holly found a scroll saying go to Oslo.
Maybe it wasn’t a dream after all.