Little Wombat A True Story

As I drove home from a doctors appointment with mum, we saw a large lump of grey on the road, “Oh, Its a wombat.” Mum pulled over. We got out of the car and jogged over to where the huge dead animal was.
“Pull her off the road,” she said getting me too heave the heavy wombat onto the grass below so that we could check her.
“I see a little paw” Mum pointed in to the pouch at the tiny foot
I tried to open the pouch wide enough to get my hand in and pull the baby out, without much trouble. But I struggled
“Mum help, the pouch is too tight” the pouch only opening about the size of a small apple “I don’t want to hurt it” We had left all of our animal rescue supplies at home so we had to make do with what we had in the car.
Finally we managed to pull the small wombat out of the pouch, it was only about the size of my hand and with no sighs of movement or life apart from that it was as warm as the winters fire. We put it into a scratchy rag, the only warm thing on hand, then washed our hands with dish-washing liquid. When we got home we put it into an inside-out pillow case covered with a beanie and tried to keep quiet, But my 5 year old sister was no help. My step-dad called a friend named Annette who is a wombat carer, and told her about the wombat. A few minutes later we went to her house in
mole-creek to show the baby to her.
“oh its tiny” she said sounding almost concerned, She looked at it for the next five minutes, then brought out the news… It was dead.
It was dead ever since we found it. My first animal, dead. We where too late!