The Curse

Patch bounded up the lush, green hill. Alice close behind him. " Wait up! "she called breathlessly. Patch loved going to the park. It was one of his favourite things to do. He ran up the hill and suddenly a dainty bunny gracefully hopped out of the tangled shrubs. Its fur was as white as snow and its pale blue eyes glimmered wildly in the sun. It took one look at Patch and disappeared back into the shrublands. Patch chased after it.
Just then the little puppy bumped into something. He looked up and saw a woman. She wore a midnight black dress and a pointy hat. Her hair looked like a wisp of smoke dressing her shoulders. “How dare you interrupt a witch as great as myself doing magic" she said, a horrid grin spreading across her pale face. Suddenly, Patch saw a cauldron bubbling with a foul liquid. "Prepare to meet your doom little puppy!!" the witch began to cackle. She raised her wand, pointing it at shaking, little Patch and chanting "When wind brings dawn the spell shall be eternal! His wings shall spread as he ?ies to break the spell! A few seconds later he looked down at himself and realised with a pang of panic. He was a bird! “You must retrieve a key from a bull’s horn near Greyfire Forest and use it to free the sorceress that can save you. You have until sunset to find her” she sneered. Patch flew away towards Greyfire Forest, where he spotted a group of bulls grazing on a green hill. As he flew lower for a closer look, he spotted a key hanging on one of the bull’s horns. He swooped down for it, not thinking, and was stabbed in one of his wings by the startled creature’s horn. Patch dragged himself into a bush helpless. But just when all seemed lost a twig snapped under someone’s shoe nearby. An old looking sorcerer appeared and shuffled over to the fearful puppy. He smiled kindly and put a hand on Patches wing. It started to heal instantly. Patch thanked him and the old man gave him an encouraging smile. He took off again and snatched the key from the horn with confidence. He noticed a tall tower in the distance. A pale, malnourished face staring out of its barred window. Patch flew towards the tower, the key clamped firmly in his beak. He landed on the window and made a chirping sound to get the young maiden’s attention. “Hi little one, you must be the creature that is supposed to save me.” Her voice was as sweet as honey. “I shall turn you back into a dog and take you home where your family will be waiting,” she said. She chanted a strange spell and Patch was a puppy again and back at the park in Alice’s arms! “Oh Patch!” she exclaimed as he licked her face. “Where have you been! I missed you so much!”