James Calan And The Simptine Sceptre

A long time ago the world was a lot happier and peaceful. It was a time when wizards roamed the earth. These wizards protected the earth when enemies came to try and cause destruction. Then one day one of the wizards named Syon Mallacore saw a vision that told him he was a Dark Wizard. The Dark Wizards were the most dangerous people in the land. The vision told him he had to betray his fellow wizards. He decided to steal a Typhan Crystal, one of the most powerful gems in the world. It is incredibly dangerous as it contains powerful dark magic.

Syon went to the Dark Masters, bowed down to them and said: “I did what I saw in my vision. Join me and together we can destroy the wizards of the land with the one thing that is theirs the Typhan Crystal”. The war began. The Dark Wizards were just too strong, it was looking hopeless for the good wizards. Their leader Arooner Hiphor ran to get the hope they needed: the most powerful thing ever in history. The Simptine Sceptre, the greatest wizard staff of all time. He was facing something that was almost more powerful than the sceptre, and to conquer them he had no choice but to get rid of all the magic in the land.

He pointed the staff into the sky. Thunder clouds started to form, then Arooner said with all his might “Lackmon Elar Sagar”. Lightning came out of the staff and struck the clouds. Then a weird slight wind arose from everyone’s magical weapons and powers and headed towards where Arooner was aiming. A big energy ball formed and grew bigger, and bigger until a boom surrounded the universe. It was over.

Arooner stood, dazed. He saw the Dark Wizards as stone. Magic was gone and he felt relieved yet sad. But then he saw something in the sceptre like a message. He peered and it and read “Bury me in lakoo then someone will grant the power just like you”. So Arooner did what the sceptre said and had hope.

50 years later and the world had changed dramatically. There were technology and cars and no one could use magic. At an ordinary house with the number 15, in a street called Goffa Rd, lived an ordinary young man. His name was James Calan and it was his 15th birthday. Little did he know it would be his lucky day. He got out of bed, got dressed then went downstairs to eat breakfast. His mother Sarah had prepared his favourite: pancakes and waffles.

As he ate he heard someone say “James Calan.” He stood up and looked around, confused.
“Did you hear that?” asked James.
“Hear what?” his mother asked. “James. Please don’t tell me you think you heard your father. He’s gone, James. I just want you to be fine okay?”
“Okay Mum,” James said. After he ate breakfast he kept hearing it so he went outside to search around.

After awhile and finding nothing, James was about to give up. Until suddenly he heard a sound coming from a rock. He knelt down, picked up the rock and underneath he noticed a hole with a mysterious object inside. Curious, he reached in and lifted it out. It seemed familiar. He dusted it off, but couldn’t quite make out what it was. Suddenly he had a thought! He ran home and found his much-loved book: The History of Magic. He flicked through the pages until he found it. The Simptine Sceptre. He had found the Simptine Sceptre! Does this mean he is a wizard, he wondered? What’s going to happen next?