We sit down for dinner. Dad is incensed after a difficult day at work, and Mum is staring at her bowl, exhausted. Minit and Boo, my little sisters, are bickering again. Suddenly, there is a loud crack and the house violently shakes. As we are all distracted, Minit notices a dark splodge on the table. When we look at the centre of the table, there is what appears to be a pool of dark ink, inside if the wood, spreading outwards. When it reaches the corners of the table, there is a loud crack in the kitchen. We look over to see a swirling, midnight black void appear out of thin air. Cutlery and plates begin flying towards it. And then the bench itself uproots and disappears into the blackness. I feel something pulling on me and I see Minit and Boo rising out of their seats. They try to hold but can’t, and are pulled into the blackness, disappearing with a pop. My entire chair flies off the ground dragging me into the void. The last thing I see is my parents getting pulled toward whatever this thing is while trying to grab me.

I wake up to see Minit and Boo peering over me anxiously. “What happened?” I ask tentatively as I sit up. As I try and stand, my knees buckle beneath me and I fall back down. “That happened to us as well. It takes a few minutes to wear off,” says Minit shyly. “Where’s Mum and Dad?” I ask. “Mummy and Daddy are gone.” Minit replies. “I saw them getting pulled through. They should have ended up with us, right?” I question. “I don’t know what this is but Mum and Dad aren’t,” Minit states.

“I’m thirsty,” Boo whines. I have enough strength to stand up. I see the remains of the contents of our dining room and kitchen splattered across the next 200 metres or so, bashed and broken. Beyond that are massive fungi-like plants. There is no comparison to anything I’ve seen. “There might be some food that got dragged with us. We’ll have a look okay,” Minit whispers compassionately. We search for what seems like an hour but all the food we find is spoilt.

“How are we going to survive?” Minit says. “I think we are going to need to go about this logically. The one thing we know we can do is build a shelter. Boo, you know the little cubbies you build. We need you to make one that can keep us warm and safe with all the stuff from the kitchen. We might also be able to find some water. Minit, why don’t you do that. Stick close though. I’ll try and find us some food,” I instruct. “Sure,” Minit and Boo reply in unison. I walk over to what appears to be some a fruit tree. It has a dark purple trunk topped with orange leaves and pink fruits. I pick off a fruit and bite.

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