A Night To Remember

It was the 2/10/19 and it was around 3.00-4.00 am and I woke up but nobody else was up so I decided to let them sleep so I went on my iPad.

Time passed and I got thirsty so I put down my iPad to go get a drink but before I got up something magical happened. So a couple of days ago my kitten had died but I had to be happy because I had to go to a party the next day. After the party I cried and I did for at least the next week I was devastated.

When I got off my iPad I had seen my kitten as a ghost!!! He had jumped onto the table onto me. I tried to pick him up but he disappeared. I cried but I cried happy tears because I then knew he is here and always will be watching me and my family.

(Thank you this is a true story)