The Doom Horror House

In a beautiful village of my dream. I was in my house with lame grandparent they always fight. So my friend call me out to play we call the other and play scissor paper rock. I've lost so he dared me to go the horror haunted house so then i walk sneakily to go the front yard because they know all about the horror haunted house and said 'a person got killed with a big spike' as i was saying its nickname is hhh. So i snick in the hhh house and slowly walked to the door and knock and my friend giggle and kind of frighten because they did this a lot so it my first time so i said 'hello' no answers and definitely again. No answer so i hold the door handle 'i thought its lock' so i have found some white covers on old furniture. weird. So i easily pull it i open some drawer noting but only one thing that i found and i hear a sound in the second storey so i slowly walk their and i open the door and fill with closets i open the middle closet and i found it and a letter 'hi i use to be a billionaire and then my worker planed to make the car way bad 1 week later they made the car engine bad and it closed everywhere now the worker took all of my money and i was in jail for making my boss close his company soon i was 100 year old and i expired so i gave this to my wife so she went to their mum and dad' then i hear a foot step. I ran out quick as possible. So i told my friend this 'We are not doing this for fun anymore' i said but then he lied. he took the knife and stab all for us and i woke up.' and its the time for me to go so bye.