The Magical Biscuits

“Woof!! Woof!!!” “Benji, Bella compose yourself I’m stopping by Coles to buy your food. That’s when I get a notification, ‘Do you want your dog to be hydrated and lose hunger? Then this is the right brand for you.’
Nice, I think I should switch brands 50% water 50% food this product is available at Woolworths. I rushed to get my keys to go to Woolworths, I was so excited I can’t even remember if I locked my front door! “Oh well the dogs will look after the house” I sighed. I arrived at Woolworths I was searching for 30 minutes I couldn’t see it in my sight. I checked my messages again “Yep definitely at the right store.” A worker came rushing out of the back of the store - bang!!! My ankle twisted I went down so fast my head banged on the floor.
I blacked out, all I remember is that clumsy worker “I didn’t catch your name I’m Benjamin.”
“Janae” I gasped. The pain was unbearable everywhere hurt.
“I’m sorry what were you looking for?”
“This dog food that keeps your dog hydrated and kills the hunger.”
“Oh, I was taking it to the shelves how many do you want?”
“Two please.”
“Once again, I’m sorry I’m giving it to you for free I hurt you badly, you broke your leg and cracked your head open.”
“Thank you so much.”
After I got out of hospital the next day, I rushed home to feed my dogs. Grabbing the dog bowls, I tipped it in “I’m so ready for my dogs to be hydrated and the hunger to be killed.” I was eating I hear this loud noise “Benji, Bella…?” My neighbour’s house is getting destroyed I don’t know how!!! Benji and Bella have gone missing I rushed outside to find giant dogs!!! Wait!!! Where are Benji and Bella?? That IS Benji and Bella! I searched up how to make your dog go back to its normal size if it gets turned into a giant dog, but nothing was showing up. I just had a great idea, where is the packet? I saw the garbage truck. “STOP” I screamed!
“Sorry what are you talking about?”
“Well I placed something in the bin by accident can I get it out?”
“I’m sorry but I already put it in the truck.”
“Ahhhh I need to go to the shop to buy another packet so I can read the back.” Yet again I raced to get my keys like a crazy person. When I arrived at Woolworths, I got the packet and quickly got out of there before Benjamin starts a conversation. My house is about to be destroyed by Benji noo!!! “Benji” I yelled begging him not to step on the house. It said that water helps turn back to normal size, so I call them around the back where they tread into the pool and ZAP into normal size dogs.