Book Of Hopes

I sit on my bed as the rain falls down, my cat Gypsy sits at my feet whilst I read. With every sentence I read I feel as though I have been further whisked away to magical land with daring knights, a damsel in distress guarded by a beastly fire-breathing dragon and a villainous king that lives deeply in the dark woods watching the brave knights every move. It feels like I’m really there. Holding my breath, I turn the page to see what happens next…strangely, the page only says “help was needed for our great hero.” At that moment it was like the book ripped in half, pages from the book swirled around the room like a tornado pulling me down into the broken spine.
Most kingdom you would think of would have big castle, pretty unicorns and fairy god mothers to grant wishes but this place looks nothing like that. All I can see is a massive slender castle guarded by a blood red dragon that circles the top of the tower. The dark woods stand tall surrounding me, this place feels so real. I feel lost and alone, but with a nagging feeling as though I am being watched, I don’t know who or what it is. I can’t get that thought of my mind, I called out “Gypsy is that you?” I began to hear a rustling from the bushes, the rustling is very aggressive and strong. I don’t know the direction the noise is coming from, so I begin to slowly turn. “Gypsy if it’s you this isn’t funny, come out you’re scaring me” I yell at the bushes but nothing happens. Suddenly, a creature from the bushes emerges reveling the face of a knight riding upon a pure white horse dressed with ribbons and bows. The knight looks down to me from his horse, “settle, Feather” he utters as he steadies his horse. “Are you the one I seek? To help on my noble quest?” I look around to see if he is talking to someone else or me. There is no one around me so I look up and say “Umm, don’t think I’m the one you are looking for, I’m Amelia and I’m not from here” in that moment I wanted help to get home because I felt stuck. “Amelia, I’m a royal knight of this land, you have been sent here because you have opened the Book of Hopes. As you have read through to page 129 you have come from your land to mine to complete a quest alongside me. Upon completion, you will return safely home again.” I hesitate while thinking of all the adventure that may lay ahead. I take a deep breath and say “Ok, I will complete the quest alongside you.”