When times are dark and all hope seems to fade into a monochrome world you get the randomest thoughts. If you care to look at the world around you, you may find something you may never have known. I was sitting in the darkness in my own little world, it's my protective box to keep me safe from the dangers outside. Looking out the window as the fireworks lit up the sky, they chased away the fears and the monsters that lurked in the darkness. When I had one of these thoughts I wanted to be like a firework, I wanted to rise and light up the dark. I wanted to bring wonder and hope to those in the dark. I can try, I can fight and I can live my life with that wish but what does it take to truly shine? I have seen singers on the stage. They spread light and inspire others, but then there is something that takes it away and smothers their spark. The ocean sparkles in the light, but the temporary beauty of it hides its truth. behind its beauty people die. The light does not fix the dark, it just hides it. Just like fireworks. They light up the dark and then fizzle out leaving the empty darkness again. Why is it so easy to put out the light but so hard to get rid of the dark. People suffer but hide it with smiles. The beauty hides the dark. Fireworks rise, light up the dark then disappear like they were never there.
So then I decided that I didn’t want to be like a firework. I didn’t want to hide the dark, I wanted to fix it. But if I can't be anything but a firework then at least I could light up the sky and give hope in the darkness, at least for a little while so I could bring a little joy to those in the dark, no matter how small the temporary beauty of it is. These were my random thoughts at the time. The strange words moving through my head. The thoughts that kept me from falling apart in my little box, cut off from the world. The random thoughts that start my story and how I was able to leave my little box and step out into this monochrome world where everything is hiding something and nothing is as it seems. It's funny how some random thoughts can lead to one person wanting to make a change and alter the way we see the world, one thought at a time. But I guess that's just the illusion that our minds make to cover the hopeless, empty world. To hide the truth behind the temporary beauty of hope, until it becomes reality like the moon or crumbles away like a firework.