The Walk

I take a deep breath in as I know what is coming . Today is the day that I walk my way through the cold wet walls of the Never Ending path ,I am going to be the first person to walk it. I get myself ready and hop on my sled and go . I am now standing at the entrance.

The cold air blew up against my face making me shiver as I stepped on the cold damp floor. It was covered in old dead leaves and sticks that had blown in from the storm. I took one step in and as I did I had a strange feeling that something was watching me but I was going to prove myself that I was a brave person that doesn't give up. As I walked in the feeling got stronger and stronger.

I could smell the wet damp walls that surrounded me it smelt like fresh mud that had just been washed up on the walls by a large amount of water . Wet leaves that had been soaking in water for the past week or so.

The mountains looked like a never ending tunnel that just keeps going on and on and on and the walls looked like prison walls. I tremble in fear as a take each step further and further into the cave. I am going to prove to them that I am brave and strong.

I have heard rumors about an evil spirit that lives in these walls but I am not going to let them stop me. Now I understand the weird feeling these walls are haunted nothing could stop me now. As I walked my first 12km I set up my tent and cook my dinner .I fall asleep being so tired after my first day of walking through the in mountain. I wake up and I am ready for another day.

I wake up, pack up camp and had to keep on going on my journey through the mountain sides. As I walk the front of the mountain just looks like a spec of sand. Today I am going to get a bit further because I had to come 1 hour away from home just to get here. Eventually I stop to have some lunch. I had some dehydrated pasta.

I walk some more but then I realise that there is a little hole in the wall that looks like a little burrow. I poke a stick in the hole, it must just be a rabbit hole so I keep on going. After some time it is time to set up camp. I set up and I gasp as I see how much I have walked. I walked about 36km. I think that I am going to do even more tomorrow.

I wake up and go on and set down my camp it has only been a little bit and I have come across a maze.