The Story That Was Never Told

I ran as fast as I could and never came back again.

It all started at home when I was playing dolls with my sister, her name is Melanie and she is four years old , she always gets all the attention and I feel like that I am a ghost in the room . she is never nice to me , she always gave me the bad doll with makeup all over it .My parents came home shortly after, they went shopping for Melanie’s birthday. They rarely go shopping for me they just find something around the house and re gift it thinking that I do not notice but I DO. When they got home, they asked me to hide Melanie’s presents. I decided to put them in Melanie’s room, since she snoops in everything, she will find the gifts. On her birthday she went out to the kitchen to open her presents. Mum said, “What do you think it is honey?”. a pink scooter,” said Melanie. I chuckled to myself. Mum was furious and asked where I hid them, and I said in her room. She did not know what to say. Then she said “Right that’s it, you are going to stay with Grandma till you learn to listen to your mother “. “ Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,” I said.

Grandma was a horrible lady, she smoked, drank a bottle of wine and several bottles of beer every day and has been put in jail 7 times. I never want to see her ever again, that is why it is one of our family’s harshest punishments. A few days later I went on the train to Brickfield, it is a dark place, I have been there once, and it was the worst experience. When I got off the train, Grandma was there to greet me, she gave me a big hug. She smelt like alcohol and cigarettes, she took me back to her house and showed me to my room. It was gloomy and dark with not a spot of color anywhere, it was horrible. One day she came up to me and said I am going to summer camp, I was confused. Then she said it starts today so pack your bags , I groaned. Then we took off in the tiny Mini Cooper that she got 50 years ago. When we got there

I was disgusted of the sight I saw, it was more a graveyard than a summer camp. They showed me my cabin and it was better than my room back at Grandma’s house but still horrifying. A couple of days later I was fed up with the whole camp. I decided to run away, I ran as fast as I could over the fence till I thought I was far enough, and never came back again.