School Nowadays

Julian is one of the biggest bullies in our school, he is rude, mean, spoiled and just a horrible person but I just don’t understand some people’s concept that think he is “cool” and “popular”. These are how schools are nowadays so if you are a bully or a person who treat others like slaves then you are cool, popular and everybody will respect you but if you go to school to learn and be kind to others then people will bully you, disrespect you and you will be the least popular kid in the school.
Harry Parker is a new kid who joined our class this year and it’s his first time going to a proper school so unsurprisingly his social skills were really low and Julian had another opportunity to bully so I tried to tell Harry about everybody and what he needs to do to avoid but he seemed confident, in fact, he had more confidence than I had even though me and Julian have been together for more than 6 years together in one class.
But most people aren’t like Harry instead they are much weaker but the most important message that I always have in my mind and have tried to teach many people about is “Don’t let other people judge you” because Harry was quiet at first but what turned out was unbelievable.