The Heartstone Village

TSSSSS! Rapedella was attacking the Heartsone Village. Thudd! Drall jumped and landed in front of Rapedella. Drall lived in the village. Drall was a very strong man who had powers. Th! Th! Th! Th! Th! Th! went out 6 fireballs from that evil Rapedella.

Drall knew the weakness of fireballs. He immediately shot 6 power blasts Thoosh! Thoosh! Thoosh! Thoosh! Thoosh! Thoosh! They went as fast as lightening, it ferociously sliced through the fireballs and hit Rapedella so hard that she went flying Thoousands of feet away. Suddenly, a map fell out of Rapedella's pocket when she went flying. Drall picked it up and he curiously opened it up, Huuuh!! He surprisingly made a noise. She wanted the Heartstone, Whuuuuu! Everyone made a noise this time. I can't believe he wanted the Heartstone power. If someone takes the Heartstone power, they could do the impossible, they could also use a hydrant blast which is way stronger blast than power blasts and Hydrant blasts are so rare, even Drall hasn't unlocked it yet.

That's it, I'm taking the Heartstone for good. Whooooop!!! The Heartstone's power transferred into Drall's magnificient power; Babayala Toosha Namicka! He chanted to erase everyone's memory about the Heartstone village.

So now we have nothing but a quiet peaceful world.