Knights Grand Final


That's what I hear every day at MacDonald Jones Stadium. All the crowd scream out because they love Newcastle Knights. Let me tell you all about the Knights’ first grand final win in 1997. My dad went to watch the game, so all the crowd was crying, yelling and screaming out loud.

It was the Knights vs the Sea Eagles, the crowd was shouting Newcastle Newcastle as the Knights lined up to the last minute. The front rowers smashed the two wingers out of the road so the captain tried to move but he had no one with him to block off the fullback. He tried to zigzag and move side to side but it did not work. The problem is they can't get through.

Then out of the blue the Knights’ fullback was running over to help. As he was running over the captain for the Sea Eagles was behind him. It was neck to neck, with the score it was close and... the fullback for the Knights got to block the Sea Eagles fullback. The Knights scored with 10 seconds to spare all the crowd cheered and cheered. That was the greatest day for the Newcastle Knights.