The Cold Rainy Night

I shivered as the rain pelted down on me. I was in the middle of kellville Park, my favorite spot to sit.
“It’s getting cold, I’d better go” I thought. So I squelched along the river bank . “you look unhappy” I turned around. It was my brother Sam. He was a pain. He jeered as I walked away.
We lived in a tiny cottage on a hill above a flowing river. Luckily there was a bridge. We didn’t have parent.
That night I woke up to the sound of leaves crunching under the weight of a pair of heavy feet. My heart began to palpitate with the dreadful unknown danger. I decided to get up and check who it was.
I got a flaming torch and tiptoed to the front door, holding my breath and opened the door. I looked up into the eye of a giant-sized cyclops. It grunted. It was wearing a pair of seaweed color ripped pants with a tuft of hair on top of its head. Before I knew it I had dropped the torch and fled. "No wonder," I thought as I crouched behind a rose bush, "I always felt the ground banging when I was sleeping". It couldn't be worse. The house was now on fire, because of my torch. Suppose Sam must've escaped. He's old enough now. I peeked out of the branches and watched as the cyclops slowly turned its head towards my hiding spot. I hoped it couldn't read my mind, or outrun me. I darted to the gate, but the cyclops reached out to pick me up. I dodged to the left and jumped onto its arm, started running to the head. The other arm was reaching out for me, but I ran faster, around and around I went. The cyclops was tangled with itself.
While it was trying to untangle, I leaped and landed with a soft thud! I had to act quick! I ran down the grassy hill and over the bridge. I had some money in my pocket, which was lucky. Before turning away, I shot a glance back at my home, which was now a burning fireball with a tall tangled shadow in front of it, the cyclops. I didn't hesitate a bit. I rushed into the woods beyond the bridge and waited a few seconds as my eyes adjusted to the total darkness. I kept running. The owls were hooting softly, the light of their eyes guided me. I ran as fast as I could, tying to dodge big fallen branches which could possible be snakes. Long sticky cobwebs always hit me in the face. I didn't care at all. I was running, running to safety.
But, where would be safe? With no more attacking cyclops or running in the jungles? After so many years, fighting alone. I kept running,through the total now silent forest, until, finally, I smelled the saltish smell of the sea.