Friday The 13th

It was Friday 13th and me and my friend Sam went camping in a cabin in the bush. Sam and I got bored and decided to go on a little walk. We were walking and walking inside the bush when it started to get dark and we were starving so we decided to head back to our cabin. We were walking in circles when we realized we were lost! We tried to call our mum on our phones but there was no signal! We did not know what to do! We were cold, hungry and stuck in a bush!

It was now dark and cold. We could not find our cabin and we were getting even more hungry, so we decided to look for something to eat. Suddenly we started seeing black little figures slowly creeping up on us we both felt terrified. The figures got closer and were now moving faster towards us. We ran as fast as we could until we came across this little beaten up tent. We went inside the tent and hid for the night. We fell asleep and woke up to daylight.

We looked around to see no sign of black figures until I heard something whisper my name. I asked Sam if he said my name and he said no. I felt so scared and thought someone must be playing a trick on us.

I called out ‘mum stop it you’re scaring me’’ hoping my mum would appear but the whispers got louder. Me and Sam returned to the little beat up tent and checked our phone for signal. I had signal on my phone and rang Mum. when it started to ring, I could hear Mum's phone ringing. She was nearby!

We got out of the tent and headed towards the sound of the phone. There my mum stood looking had cheeky. My mum had played a trick on us! She was the one who was whispering my name and our dogs were the black figures.
She wanted us to be scared as it was Friday the 13th and she did not want us to go camping.
Best Prank Ever!