The Wolf Pack

This was it. The full moon was shining bright as the sun, then the pack gathered around, "Howl!" The pack howled at the moon, now was the moment they had all been waiting for.

The wolf pack gathered around the soon to be wolf mum who had just had her wolf pup. "THAT’S NOT A WOLF PUP!" Someone in the group shouted. " YEAH ITS TO TINY!" Shouted someone else from the crowd. "Just because he's tiny doesn't mean he should be treated differently." The wolf pups father (the leader of the pack) said. The pack walked of in disappointment as well as his father who was ashamed of his pup. "Don’t listen to them, you have a glorious future, soon they will bow to you!"

Soon his mother died and he became very sad.

3 months later...

He went up to the rest of the cubs and asked, "Can I play with you?"
"NO! YOUR TOO SMALL AND WEAK!" The cubs said. After that he became more sad.
Later that day he was on a cliff and he knew if he were to fall down that cliff he wouldn't be able to get back into the territory and he would probably injure himself. The rest of the cubs came to bully him and get him off the cliff so they could play there. "Hey you! Tiny!" They teased
"My name isn't Tiny!"
"OH! Tiny's standing up for himself!" They teased. Then a cub came forward and pushed him off the cliff.
"Come on boys! Our work is done here!" One of the cubs said.
The cub tumbled down the hill and came face-to-face with a beige-colored female pup.
"What's your name pup?" She asked
"I-I I haven't got one cause I haven't been to a naming ceremony yet!"
"Oh-ok then I thought pups like you had already got their name by now." She said as she walked around him.
He shivered.
"Well I should get you back to the territory." She said as she started to walk off.