The Dettol Dinos

It was the dead of night on planet Microbe and Germo was constructing his latest contraptions:the giant ,deadly virus copier ,the fiery fierce, crazy contraption and finally it’s marvellous it’s amazing it’s mega it’s the malaria multipler .Germo was a nasty, evil, cruel alien bacteria .Germo was planning his evilest plan he had made.His plan was to rule the Earth by forming a army of all the virus creatures on planet Microbe .Germo had also made another invention named the deshrinker .The next part of the plan was to point the deshrinker at his whole army so that his army will grow into human size like he was but could he rule the Earth with the Dettol Dino’s .Germo had stricken Earth many times but when ever he attacked the Dettol Dino’s defeated him.The Dettol Dino’s were a team of cousins that came from Pakistan and live in different parts of the world.For Europe its Moiz and Muneeb. All of the cousins had a robotic dinosaur . Moiz had a electric, speedy Alectrosaurus and Muneeb had a awesome armoured Ankylosaur.From Australia its Ayyan and Hassan. Ayyan has a razor sharp tooth dinosaur it’s the Carcharodtosaurus. Hassan had a top predator of its time.He has a Allosaurus. Finally in Pakistan it’s Mahad and Anas.Anas has a scary dinosaur that is a Velociraptor.Lastly it’s Mahad with the tyrant lizard king. Meanwhile on Earth Ayyan was school and was learning at the science lab when he said to the teacher Miss Abrey “What’s that. There was a signal that was coming towards Earth.It’s a joint army of germs that are evil and want to destroy our planet earth so then he told everyone on his Wallis talkie that you need to get your dinosaur and your armer so we can fight the alien germ army. Then they did what he said. Bacteria bombs fell and hit the land.The Dettol Dino’s got their robotic dinosaurs and used all of their powers to defeat the germ army.
You, can never stop me now Germo laughed evilly. Mahad and Ayyan combined their powers to create a mega medicine that was a kind of soap a named dettol vacine.
Finlay , the dettol Dino’s shoted the vaccine in the air so it could spread and kill the bactaria.
You have defeated my greatest plan ever! Screamed a Germo.
Looks like two heroes and their team defeated the virus.