The Teleporting Trampoline

It was a hot Saturday morning and TJ and his mates had just kicked off the day, normally on the weekend they would have sport and other things going on, but today their sport was canned so Caleb and Beau stayed at TJ's for a sleep. They decided to grab some money and ride down to the Service Station, once they arrived, they bought some tasty treats. TJ showed the boys a cool place out in the bush where they could jump their bikes, sit down, chill, and demolish all the goodies they got from the Servo. Caleb, Beau and TJ are always trying to do new tricks on their Moto’s or BMX’s.

It was 12:30 and TJ's parents had text him, saying "It is time for lunch, come home now because your Hot-Dogs are ready, and they aren't going to eat themselves." The boys rushed home immediately, they gobbled down two Hot-Dogs. Finally, they’d eaten 4 Hot-Dogs each, their belly was about to burst!

After a while they got on the tramp. While on the tramp they chanted Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump three times in a row. Then TJ asked Caleb if he went on a holiday where would he want to go? He replied saying "I would like to go to.... Canada." Suddenly they teleported somewhere else and they were on a different trampoline too, something they did know was, it was very cold here! While TJ was on his way off the tramp, he saw a map, so he grabbed it and it said, WELCOME TO... WHISTLER, CANADA!!!
Then TJ said in a breaking voice "Guys, we.... we're.... -"
"Spit it out!" Beau and Caleb yelled together.
"We're at Whistler.... Whistler in Canada." TJ stuttered.
"No, no we're not." Beau said.
TJ gave Beau the map and then he fainted at the sight of the words, "Whistler, Canada." While Caleb was on the tramp, he saw 2 snow boards and a pair of skis. TJ then came up with an idea! "Let's have a turn of them, before we leave!" TJ said excitedly.
“Ok” Both the boys agreed and followed TJ, they put on the equipment and did some jumps. Later that day the boys were tired and cold, they kept the equipment and got back on the tramp.

Then Beau said he wanted to go to Hawaii for a holiday. So, they repeated the same chant as earlier and landed on another tramp, immediately they knew what to do because they were facing the beautiful ocean! In Hawaii there was perfect waves for surfing, as the boys walked toward the beach, they came across some cool surfboards, the man who owned them said they could have one each, they were very happy about it!

That night after teleporting back home they couldn’t stop talking about their crazy good day. They all had really cool gear to talk about and remember their awesome adventure together.