Could Have Been The Worst Christmas Ever

“Mum, Dad! It’s Christmas!” I was screaming as I was jumping up and down on the bed. My brother Harry and I were so excited to get all our presents. We ran downstairs to see what presents there were.
“Yay! I can see one for me!” Harry exclaimed. I was trying to find one for myself, but I wasn’t having any luck. Harry had already started opening all his presents while I was still trying to find one. “Yay! I can see one for me!” I screamed. I opened it up and then I found another one for me. I could not find anymore and to be honest I was a little upset that I only got two little presents.
We drove to my Nan and Pop’s house because it is a family tradition to always have breakfast at their house on Christmas. We got there and normally they would have presents for us, but they didn’t have any for me. I got really confused because I hardly got any presents back at home either. We started to eat our big Christmas breakfast and we were all happy but then my Nan and Pop’s dog jumped up onto the table and ruined all of the food that we were going to eat, so unfortunately we had to have boring old cereal.
“Uhhh, I so badly wished for a puppy dog!” I thought to myself. Even though their dog had just destroyed breakfast. I still wanted one. Its been a wish of mine for 3 years now but all my parents say is “just wait and see” I wondered if today could be the day. But then again, I think that we are not ready for one because we don’t have any supplies that you need to take care of a puppy.
“Hey sweetie! We have a really good present to give to you!” Mum exclaimed in a very excited voice. “Okay, you have wanted this for about 3 years now and we decided that you have been really good this year and we brought you a PUPPY!” mum said still very excitedly. “YAY, THIS IS THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!’’ I screamed at the top of my lungs. I was so happy about this; the puppy was so cute. It definitely was the best Christmas and present ever.