My Experience Of Divorced Parents An Unwelcome Surprise

A divorce is “A judicial declaration dissolving a marriage in whole or in part, especially one that releases the marriage partners from all matrimonial obligations” There were 112,954 marriages in 2017 and in the same year there was then 40,032 divorces.
Image how many children this impacts!

Everyone’s story is different here’s mine.

Having two houses caused by having divorced parents can cause a strain on the child as there feel like they have to choose sides as they may have to choose who they want to live with essentially if they may have to move states and/or countries which overall can cost a lot of money flying in and out and/or driving to see the other parent each week and/or year. When teens are having to move from one house to the other. Living in two houses means there are two different routines. I know it was so different going to my dad’s house in Perth WA was completely different to up in Darwin NT with my mum having to catch planes as well as the time different had my routine out of whack because we went to bed later as it didn’t go dark till 9 pm down there compared to 7 pm there.
Divorce can cause a high amount of stress and anger on any child no matter what age. Children usually feel shook, anger, frustration or maybe even guilt for feeling like it was there fault after a while children learn to cope with unfamiliar circumstances and usually get over the fact that there are now going to have to choose between mum or dad. I know that I felt stuck in the middle of my parents’ divorce when my dad would talk about my mum in the way that I didn’t want to I told him that I didn’t want to hear it as I know my mum is my mum and my dad is my dad and loved them both equally. This was until my dad did and/or said things that lead me to be on my mother’s side but this doesn’t accrue in all children I know my brothers and sister both love and understand both their parents equally I just see it different as I am the eldest.
Every kids experience with parents going through a divorce is different I know that I was hurt for a long time but know I it was the right thing to do but on the other hand my brother as started to get angry as my dad moved away and stated acting out and wagging most of his classes and getting into some pretty bad crowds with where known for smoking and selling drugs as well as harassing teachers and making them scared because of the kid he was turning into he started not taking his medication as he wasn’t going to class and just thought I was stupid. The other side of that was that parents can sometimes take their kids prescription medication for them self to make them feel better and/or to get high.

What about the kids who didn’t see it coming...