Silver Screen Daydream

Excellence Award in the 'Poetry & Short Story Writing Competition 2020' competition

An enigma in a yellow summer dress;
Intoxicated by the promise of a smile;
From the instant those eyes locked with mine;
I was Enamoured by your inordinate charm;

Though I can see her here, she’s anywhere but by my side;
A living daydream, she’s become my reality;
Where that sly delivery resonates in caves of my sanity;
The romance so sweet in taste, with a thickness of honey;

One day we too shall pirouette in the dark, your heart close to mine;
To the score of a five-string serenade we will dance away the night;

However strong, those dreams of splendour are always short-lived;
For at the end of those two hours the lights will no longer dim;
And once again, my hope for you to love me back
Ends like the popcorn: discarded in the bin;

But the flickers of the silver screen still linger in my mind;
And I crack a grin as I sit once more to take you in;