The Jar

Beep, honk, splash,The times aren't the greatest as my and my owner and I go out onto the streets every day before dawn, hoping to one day save up to go to a new home where there is lush green grass and beautiful unpolluted air ,oh and most of all DOG FOOD! What more could a dog want! But there is one thing, we have to wait until we save up money ,who knows how long that will take? Sometimes it rains although we still go out to busk,some people nudge us as they walk past. Most of the time I look down to the ground where the feet of the people are, it always looks like a maze of hairy legs and shoes.although it might be tough now the jar is filling every day,well with a few coins at least.

The weather changes each season one full of sunshine, hot and muggy while another with snow, rain, and hail. We live together in a small squishy apartment with a bed and a desk but no more. We wait and wait together, as the jar fills and fills. We dream of what glory and adventures might come upon us when we move to a better place. But then there will always be struggles when we move but I guess anything will be better than where we are now.the main thing is that we stick together. I look at the jar once again it was so close to the top that the coins are squeezed together so tight that they can’t move.

We walked down to busk one more time. The jar would be full to the brim tonight we knew it! The smiles on mine and my owner’s faces were bigger than ever before. As my owner placed the small coins into the jar we leaped and jumped with joy! We had finally done it! The next morning we were on our bike and riding to our new home. I took a step onto the soft, lush ,green grass and sucked in a whole heap of fresh,unpolluted air. Our dream had finally come true!