The Sketchy Box

As I woke up in bed I said to myself, “Oh no another boring old day in lockdown whoo”. Then I took a glimpse at what seemed to be an ordinary box in front of my bed, though as I looked closer it had a sketchy sign on it. It said choose any book and page and whoosh you go. So I thought on the side of my bed should I try and see what happens. I walk around the box and see another sign that reads you can only choose one book and one page and stay in the book for 2 hours no more. I then think to myself I am going to try it out.

Looking through all the shelves I was trying to find the book I loved the most and wanted to go in. looking up and down all around but nowhere to be seen. Then sneakily going into sissies room I looked around there voilà the book of my dreams found it. The imaginary Winnie the Pooh I always wanted to meet Piglet and Rabbit, Tiger and most of all Eeyore and Pooh bear. Sneaking back to my room flicking through the pages of the book to find the page where I meet Lumpy and change the title because Heffalump Lesson is the name right now i really don’t like so I would like to change that.

Quietly creeping to the box adding the book and page number (85) I …I… I'm actually there in the book. I am also hiding behind a bush to scare Piglet and Pooh as my way to ask them to be my friends. As Piglet and Pooh come by, I go boo! And scare them. I explained that I saw a box that let me go to any book I wanted and choose the page I wanted to go in and that I choose this page.I ask them if I can be friends with them and they warmly welcome me to their friendship. So all three of us scared Lumpy, who we saw eating some grass nearby. Lumpy screamed “ Ahhh!” and ran off. Pooh, Piglet and I went to find Lumpy and tell him we wanted to be his friend.After an hour we found him hiding under a tree and asked him if he wanted to be our friend. He was very pleased and jumped up in excitement. We played games, had a party and met everyone else. “Beep.” went my watch telling me it was time to go. Saying my goodbyes then taking off “Whooo!”

I was back home now in my comfy bed and no one even knew I was gone the whole time. I went to see the book to see if I had changed something. Wow I changed the ending to instead of hunting lumpy being his friend,and instead of the title being Hefelump lesson it was meeting friends. I was so happy that I could change it.