I lunged at the rogue and during the five seconds in the air I noticed something glinting in the darkness. It was the other cat’s claws but they were long and razor sharp. They were definitely not natural cat claws. I tried to turn in mid air but before I knew it I was on top of the rogue. He screeched in fury at me and flipped me on my back. I could feel his muscles rippling as he held me fast. He raked his claws through my belly and bright fresh red blood trickled down my belly.
I flung my legs out wildly and heard a MROOW as my claws found their mark. The tom-cat leaped off and arched his back at me. I gave a short HISS and narrowed my eyes, glaring at him. Behind him I could see bright yellow eyes gleaming in the darkness. I sat staring at him, not moving at all. Suddenly I saw a flash of orange fly past, just in my vision. I didn't move but stared at the rogue. The orange shape bit the tom-cat on the neck. The rogue screeched and ran off with his tail between his legs like a kit. I turned around to look at Fire. He gave me a slight nod. “Good work Nightfall.” After that I didn’t remember much except lots of excruciating pain.
“Hush Night hush,” A kind voice whispered gently in my ear. “I’m going to help you.” I opened my eyes slowly and saw that the owner of the voice was Acacia. Acacia was the healing cat for Lightning Clan. “You will feel very sleepy but don’t worry that is fine.” I could feel myself dropping in and out of sleep. I pushed myself to stay awake but I couldn’t resist the pull of the slumber. I let the arms of sleep pull me forwards into darkness.
I opened my eyes and saw I was in Lightning Clan’s part of the forest. In the distance I saw the outline of a cat. I slinked toward the body and noticed it was Lion, my mentor. I cried out in surprise. “You're DEAD!” I tried to say but all that came out was a shrill gurgle. “I know what you’re thinking, yes Night I am deceased but this is a dream-prophecy.” Suddenly words came tumbling out of Lion’s mouth but it definitely was not his normal calm soothing voice.
“BEWARE THE ONES WHO ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM, THE SOUL AND CHARCOAL. THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN STOP THEM IS THE LUNAR!” When he stopped talking he smiled and then I noticed that he was fading “Wait,” I cried. “What do I do?!” Suddenly a searing pain poured into my abnormal paw. The wounds flashed bright red, then faded to grey. I looked up and when Lion spoke the only part left of him was his charming face. “You will know Nightfall, you always do.” And then he was gone.