Again. The agonizing screams pierced my ears as I saw them, helpless, until... NO! I jolted upwards like a whip, panting, my heart beating furiously, paining with horror and despair, the tingling in my scar almost a pin-prick compared to it. I sighed. A deep, quivering sigh. I longed to know who they were, and what my scar meant. What had it felt to have parents who sacrificed themselves for you, I wondered painfully as I trode along the eerie hallway. It felt as though someone was watching me, trying to read through my thoughts. Amorphous beams of moonlight were dancing in the meadow’s shadows, causing the roses to gleam with dew. The echoing footsteps started once more as I twirled the rose in my fingers, aching to be free; then I slipped through the door. Finally, I could feel the breeze blow majestically in my face, hear the wolves howling in the cliffs as I set off towards the heart of the forest. Then I saw her; her red hair gleaming in the moonlight, the glass around her reflecting memories of herself through the full moon. Setting the majestic plant beside her, I fell away from earth; yes, this was the feeling of true freedom. Suddenly, I felt a sensation; someone was there. I hurtled around, but saw nothing, until I felt a sickening lurch that lifted me off the ground.
I was blinded by a flash, which was immediately replaced by a shining, crystal lake. A woman was staring at me through the midst of it, smiling. She looked just like me, with her hazelnut eyes and bronze hair...... but it couldn’t be; wasn’t she- But my thoughts were cut short by a scream. A crying, hopeless scream from the mountains beyond the moonlit village. I didn’t want to go, but my body wasn’t obeying me........ I finally arrived at the cliff side after an hour of running. My mouth hung open as I gaped at what I was seeing. The very same woman at the lake was lying in a heap on dusty rubble; only her hair was ruby red, cradling a new born baby. “MOTHER!” I cried as I sped towards her, but it wasn’t my instinct. Then a peculiar feeling washed over me; a feeling of understanding, of immediate sense, a kind of dreaminess; but no time to think.
“Mother, no, please” I sobbed. “Go back to your father, Felicia,” she whispered, “go and tell him I love him. Take Jake.”. “But my sca-” “I gave it to you. It symbols my love to you. Go now, I will always be with you” Her eyes rolled back into her head, a smile beaming on her face. Slowly the surroundings blurred, then melted back into the forest. I beamed. All my questions were now answered. I knew the secrets hidden, my memories from the past. My dream had a meaning and my mother and guardian are watching over me. Now I know where my forgotten self belongs.