On The Prowl

The hungry, thirsty tigers stood there as they drank the last pit of water they could find. They had been searching for water for weeks and finally the moment had arrived. They felt the cold tingling water run down their throat. It could be weeks before they felt the taste of water again. They took slow sips savouring every drop of water they could, to survive. Were they going to survive, or would they die of thirst or hunger? They didn’t finish the pit of water for hours and once they did it was time to hunt. They wouldn’t hunt unless they had drunk some water before it, otherwise they would be too thirsty and die. As they walked to a nearby tree something rustled in the bushes, unexpectantly. They imagined sitting up in a tree, camouflaged for hours , until something walked by so they could pounce. But now, they didn’t have to go far at all. They probably won’t even have to run that far to catch it. They were excited and hungrier than ever! They both readied to pounce as the creature jumped out of the bushes. It was a wild boar, the perfect thing to eat. It snorted and sprinted as fast as lightning, but the tigers were faster than lightning. The boar thought it stood a chance, but no one stood any chance when they were faced with the two tigers, king and queen of the prowl. They pounced onto the wild boar; one grabbed a leg, and the other went for the head. They took it down without a fight. The boar stood no chance. It tried to free himself, but the king tiger dug his claws into his heart as the boar took his. Last. Final. Breath.