The Flying Pig

There once was a young magic pig called Charli. Charli was a bright happy pig with an owner called Skyler! Both lived on a small farm with nobody but each other. One day, Skyler drove into town. She went to the town fair, she guessed a pigs weight and won Charli! That’s how they became friends! Charlie really wanted to fly but she didn’t know how to! She asked Skyler and Skyler just kept saying, “The only way to fly is to sprout some wings!” Charli never understood this, so she decided to find out for herself someday!

One day at breakfast when Skyler was preparing food, Charli went upstairs and walked into the bathroom. She noticed that there was a bottle sitting on the tippy top shelf on the vanity.
“What’s this?” She wondered “It looks like a bottle of water! Besides I am a bit thirsty.”
Charli shook the vanity enough for the bottle to come tumbling down into her mouth.
“Perfect!” She unscrewed the lid and poured the clear liquid into her mouth with hesitation.

Over breakfast, Charli couldn’t stop burping!
“What’s, ‘BURP’, happening to ‘BURP’ me?” Charli burped.
“I don’t know Charli!” Skyler said “OH MY GOODNESS! LOOK AT YOUR BACK!”
“Uh Oh…,” Charli mumbled. POOF! Giant puffy wings had suddenly started to sprout out of her back!
“Woah!” Skyler whispered, “Those wings are top-notch Charli!!!”
“I know!”
“Now you can fly!”
“Let’s go see then!”

Charli and Skyler arrived outside of the barn and Charli attempted to fly! CRASH! Went the silo as Charli accidentally flew into it.
“Oops,” said Charli, “Sorry”
“Charli!” Skyler moaned.
About 3 hours later, Charli had gotten the hang of this flying business. Suddenly a HUGE gust of wind blew over and shot Charli straight off course!
“I’LL TRY!” Charli yelled back.
She tried her best to follow the road but the wind was just too strong! Before she knew it, Charli was whisked away by the wind. She flew over shops and churches and parks and houses and rivers until the wind stopped. CRASH! BANG! WALLOP! Charli had fallen smack bang in the middle of an abandoned farm! Or so she thought it was abandoned….

“H - Hello?” the scared little pig mumbled.
“Anyone There?” Charli suddenly heard a floorboard creak. It was coming from the rickety old barn! She had to go investigate!

Charli walked on the old deck with some floorboards missing. She was almost at the gate when she stepped on at flippy floppy floorboard which shot her up through the roof. Charli landed in the middle of a smelly pigsty.
“Hey everyone!! Another pig!” One of the pigs yelled.
“She’s got wings!” Said another.

Suddenly the farmer barged into the pig-sty taking Charli by the leg and dragged her into the darkness of the barn…
The sound of Charli’s scream slowly drifted away.