Hitlers Girl

I shall stand up on the rounded table and investigate the crowd.
Not one not two, but three untermenschen! All laughing rather loud.
‘please get up’ I whisper, ‘I know my fathers plans’
‘take your children and run away, stay safe from Adolf’s hands.’

The roars and guns of racist soldiers tear into the sky
They all just love my father, but I strain to answer why.
Are they scared of fury? He can be a frightening man.
Now there’s fire all around me, it may be in my head
But the panicked cries of mothers will never die instead

My father does not adore me, but for that I do not care,
As I wish more than the old man’s praise, I don’t care to have blonde hair.
I care for the crying people, those of which cannot stand,
The ones who didn’t choose this life but will suffer at Adolf’s hand.
I hope to one day stop this, to stop my father’s reign.
I will make the world a better place, where the Jewish can live again.