They went to fight for our country, Australia was in need
Strong men and women were required to obey the call and lead
The battlefield was loud the tanks and gunfire boomed
The soldiers fought with all they had while others their fate was doomed
The war was unavoidable it was our country's fate
The soldiers fought to the bitter end for their country and their mate
There was no giving up, they fought to the last breath
Some made it back home safe while others met their death
I see the struggle, I see the pain in their eyes,
Would they return to their families or never get to say goodbye.
Piercing the hearts of the soldiers, spurting out our Aussie blood,
Dead bodies falling all around them, as they fell in foreign mud.
Remembering Anzac day each year means so much to me,
for if they didn't go to war where would we all be?
War is never a good thing to me,
If we could prevent it, it would mean the world to me.