The Gate

One sunny Sunday evening a boy named Elliott went for a run. As he was running he saw a mysterious gate that was blocking his path. As he approached the gate he thought “Should I go through the gate? ”When he got to the gate he made the decision to go through it. Elliott didn’t know where it led but it was his decision. So he opened the gate and walked through it. After that Elliott thought he would go straight through the gate but dun dun daaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It led somewhere he’d never seen before. “Where the where am I?!!”said Elliott. He heard the sound of beach waves crashing. “I don’t think I’m in Ballarat any more. I’m in a caravan park! said Elliott. So he asked one of the many families there where he was. Torquay Foreshore caravan park. Do you have a map? asked Elliott. What is your last name? An adult asked. “Bourke. ”replied Elliott. “His family!!!!”they yelled. “Wait what?” Elliott asked. Do you live in Ballarat? “Yes. ” they all said at once. “Can you take me home to 15 Harrier Drive IP?” YES!!!!!!!! They yelled. And lived happily ever after.