Little Johny, One Huge Adventure

Jessica is once again leaving; I must distract her before she goes. Where is it? My ball is normally right here beside the table. I scan the room when I see my pink ball! I pick it up and race to the door before Jessica leave. Jumping in between her legs and telling her to play with me.
“Aww Johny, I can’t play right now I’ve got to go to work. Now be a good boy and stay here.”
I’ve had it! She goes to ‘work’ every single day and she never plays with me. I feel something come over and I run. I run out the door a down the stairs. What have I done? I don’t even know where to go. I try to remember the way we normally go for walks. I glance behind me to see if Jessica is following me. Instant regret. Tears roll down her face as she calls my name.
“Johny, please come home! Where are you?”
I can’t bear to see her so distraught. I put one paw in front of the other to go back to her and deal with the aftermath of my… ooo butterfly! Its pretty blue wings carry it along the breeze. I begin chasing it when I hear Jessica’s voice.
“Please Little Johny, come home to me”
Do I chase the butterfly? Do I go home? As I ponder, I realise that I’ve lost both of them. I get swept up into the morning rush. There are too many people. I can’t see anything. I start jumping up on strangers to ask for help. They all push me off. I know that I just have to wait it out and then I can go home but I’m just too anxious and the amount of people is overwhelming. My paws don’t know where to take me and my eyes don’t know what I’m looking at but nose picks up something, something delicious. I take one deeper sniff in. it’s sausages! My favourite snack. I follow my nose as it sniffs out the yummy snack. At first, I go slow, wanting to savour the scent but with every step I go faster and faster until I’m bolting at full speed all the way to Jessica! Jessica? What is she doing with those sausages? I didn’t know we had any!
“Oh Johny! I knew these would get you back. Why did you leave? Never mind. I think I’m going to say home tomorrow!”