Lost Within

He was suddenly surrounded in cold, darkness and the feel of despair. He looked around at the surroundings. He figured he was in a large metal container which could almost be described as a house. Almost. A holographic computer screen was turned on and was the only source of visible light in the room. He got up, off the soft chair he sat in. The screen had a picture of himself labelled with the name, Justin Parks. “So that’s who I am”, he though to himself. “How do I not know who I am?”

Justin grabbed a flashlight off the tabletop the computer rested on and located an exit. It was a door, only that it strongly resembled a vault lock. Once he pulled it open, Justin was almost knocked off his feet. The blizzard outside was enormous, sending inside all the cold as quick as air, escaping a balloon. The landscape was dry, barren and covered in snow and ice. He knew he was stuck inside until the blizzard died down. He decided to look through the computer.

Diary log: by Lawrence Song.
Day: 117
Date: 12/4/2093
Weather: Strong unexpected heavy blizzards
Supplies: low

To whoever may be reading this,
We have lost any evidence of the survival of any other humans. We may be the last ones but we haven’t given up searching. Our current population has been on the decline for every expedition group we send. If you are reading this please send help.
Peace out,
Lawrence Song

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Justin didn’t know what to make of this piece of information. He wanted to know more but he realised the blizzard had stopped and he needed to see what was outside. Once he was outside, he saw a grove of immensely tall trees he hadn’t noticed before. They completely blocked out sunlight in some areas and Justin quickly realised, he could easily get lost.

As he walked through the forest, he made little stars with the sticks he found on the floor to crate a marking of how to get back. After around 30 minutes of walking, he found another large metal container house. He went through the door and picked up a note off the ground.

We believe there are other humans alive but neither we or they have found each other yet. We are heading out on a last expedition in desperate search of more supplies and humanity as we have almost completely exhausted our food. If this note is read, go towards the South-East and you will find our first camp.
From Claire Benns

Now Justin knows where to go, but he has noticed that during that short period of time outside, he is starting to lose his breath. Just noticing the picture on the wall, he sees that they are all wearing gas masks and there is zero vegetation. After searching the house, he finds a mask for himself and sets out on his last expedition.