I wish I could be taller. Please grow. All my friends are taller than me, I am small and short. But everyone thinks its fine but ITS NOT! I am really on a hunt, a goal, to find someone the same age or older that is smaller than me, but no one is.
Everyone has low expectation of me or does not believe in me. I am teased and bullied all the time by everyone. Another bad thing is that whenever I talk, I feel like people think I am talking another language or something. All I want is to be treated like a normal human being. Just respected and believed in. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?

But then one day it changed, all of it changed. There was a new kid, but he was not normal, he was super short, even shorter than me. All a sudden the bulling stopped, and you will never guess who got it… the boy.

We soon became friends. Turns out that we have a lot in common, we were both small and short but at least we were not alone.

One day there was a fire at the school. Everyone got out safely but for some reason there were fuel tanks in the school shed where the fire was. Brave as we were, we ran to the shed. We knew with our small hands we could tighten the fuel tanks and reach the hose. It got hot, really hot so we decided to act quickly “I WILL GET THE HOSE AND YOU TIGHTEN THE FUEL” I yelled because the fire was so loud. While I was putting out the fire, I realised that my wish had come true, someone has respected and believed in me. He was just over there on the other side of the shed. We put the fire out just in time.

That day we got awarded with a trophy and the bulling stopped. My mum gave me a special dinner that night, but instead I just said LIFES SHORT always eat your dessert.