Nathans Battle

Once there was a boy called Nathan. Nathan loved to draw and was extremely good at science. His dad was a policeman that died in a car crash when he was eight. He was thirteen years old and was about to start high school. He wasn’t nervous at all.
Nathan was walking into the gigantic school when he saw Greg. When Nathan was in primary school, Greg would always bully him. Everyone was going to class when they heard stomping. They all thought that the principle was coming. Someone else however opened the door. Everyone tried to hide. The person said, “Hello my name is M.O.D.O.K. and my slave is Taskmaster.” We were all scared.
Everything then went black. When I woke up I asked, “Where am I?” The doctor said, “You're at the hospital and you’ve been asleep for two weeks.” I asked, “What happened to me?” The doctors said, “Your hand got chopped off and you got knocked so hard that you now have the powers of Thor.” I was in shock. I asked them to go home.
I found my mum crying at the dinner table. We hugged. My mum said “Are you ok? I have been so worried.” I answered “Yes, I'm ok, I’ve been in hospital.” I went outside to test if my body turned into lightning and it worked. I went to the garage to make a metal hand. My new metal hand could punch if I told it to or write really nice.
The next day, I was about to enter my school when I saw Edd. Edd was in my math class when M.O.D.O.K and Taskmaster hurt me. I asked him “What happened when I was away?” Edd said “The day you got hurt Greg said to the villains “Can I Join you?”.” M.O.D.O.K said, “Yes of course, I will make you Mini Superman by putting a serum in you.”
When I got home, I went outside and started talking to Thor with my mind about training and exercising to beat the villains. Thor gave him some advice. He went to bed at night and thought about what Thor had told him.
The next day at school Nathan saw M.O.D.O.K, Taskmaster and Mini Superman threatening a little girl. Nathan raised his hand, Mjolnir came to his hand. Mini Superman shot a laser at Nathan's eye. Thor then came flying out of the sky, throwing Stormbreaker at Taskmasters head. He then beats up M.O.D.O.K. and says to Nathan “The last one is yours.” They have an epic battle, Mini Superman is throwing punches. Nathan trips up Mini Superman and he goes rolling backwards. Nathan then throws Mjolnir at Mini Superman’s head and he dies. From that day onwards, Nathan called “Two” because he was half the strength of Thor.
The End