Grandmas House

It was a cold windy morning. I wasn’t very excited to go to grandma’s house. As we parked up against the hard rugged concreate. I stepped out of the car and I saw all of the dolls my grandma had knitted, perfectly lined up across the rotten, soggy, cobbed webbed walls. I used to complain about those dirty horrific dolls. But grandma didn’t give to craps. As I stepped into the house I got a big whiff of dust slowly move through my nostrils. I yelled “grandma” like a maniac and heard a little creaky voice say “hi dear”. As she walked down the old mouldy, rat infested stairs. Out of the edge of my eye I saw she had at least 20 odd stiches in her back. My legs were trembling like noodles.
Grandma wasn’t the most pleasant old lady around her small, quiet town. She used to make turkey leg soup. If my mum didn’t eat it she would get her innocent mouth washed out with dusty old, out of date soap. When we used go to grandma’s house for lunch or dinner, she would make turkey leg soup! But we just had to eat it. My kind hearted Grandad died a long time ago. We are still not sure how yet? Mum has always had the feeling it was grandma… Anyway there was one other thing that I found unusual every night at exactly 9:10pm. She would go outside with her two black, soft as pillow cats and five, wax covered candles and sing out of ordinary carols.
Grandma and I walked liked a chicken with frozen toes out to the kitchen. I could hear the old rusty kettle boiling. I didn’t want to question what had happened to my grandma’s wrinkly old back. While we were drinking the tea out of those decayed cups. We I questioned what had happened to my poor, old grandpa. Grandma didn’t really talk after I asked question. After her cup of tea she walked off with her two cats out to the front of the house and sang her unusual carols no one has heard about. I had a walk around this so what called haunted house. Grandma was setting her dodgy, homemade rat traps to catch those thieving animals. As night set the skies looked like charcoal.
I walked up the old rat infested stairs and down the corridor. I went to flick off the lights. As I did I saw a doll like shadow at the bottom of the dark, gloomy corridor. I turned the light back on and that doll like shadow wasn’t there. I turned it off and it was there again but this time it looked closer then what is was before. I got a bit of a shock. I quickly turned the light off and ran to my room to the old empty spare room. I locked the door and hid under the blue, itchy, blanket. I heard the light turn back on. My heart almost stopped.
I could see the light piercing through the crack of the door. I had a closer look. There was a faint red colour outside. My lamp started flickering. I quickly made sure it was plugged in. “it was”. I heard my door handle twist. I screamed. I quickly hid under the blanket and peered through nervously. I had a closer look and it was my grandma! She grabbed my neck and with her sharp long nails. She sliced open my back. I was bleeding out. All I remember was her horrid, witch like laugh.