The Vanishing

The Vanishing
By Allira Burge
Ring! Ring! Two ten year old girls named Tiffany and Chloe were riding their mountain bikes along the main road. They stopped by the address they had called for an inspection. ‘’I’m so excited that we get to make money, but ghost and spirit hunting isn’t exactly my cup of tea.’’ Chloe exclaimed with an anxious look upon her pale face. ‘’Oh Chloe stop worrying we’re not going to die if you think that’s what’s going to happen.’’ Tiffany assured her. ’’Anyway they wouldn’t call us if they thought we will die.’’ She said again trying to prove the point.

Knock! Knock! Knock! ‘’Coming!’’ Yelled a lady from inside. ‘’Hello!?’’ Said the confused lady. Chloe suddenly gave a sharp look at Tiffany as if she was saying ‘’I’m not talking you do it!’’ Then Tiffany politely stated ‘’We’re sorry we’re early would you like us to leave?’’ ‘’Oh no don’t leave! Right now is a good time, I was just startled by your arrival.’’ The lady said. Chloe and Tiffany both shot enthusiastic looks at each- other, and ambled inside. Diane, their employer showed them to a few areas around the house. Flick! Flick! The lights flickered aggressively. Tiffany did a silent but dramatic gasp because she officially knows there is a ghost here.
Chloe clutched Tiffany, who was constantly saying ‘’Lets go we need to investigate!’’ Chloe grumpily replied ‘’Fine.’’ Then they waltzed around, suddenly Tiffany ran off with her special ghost hunting bag and came back with a colossal figure in it. She held it tight while each collecting their pay.
Diane then said. ’’Oh my gosh! There really was one. I can’t thank you both enough. Remember girls be safe!’’ Both Tiffany and Chloe chimed at the same time. ‘’We will!’’ Then sped off. Tiffany stopped along their way and released the ghost at the local cemetery.

Tiffany felt a vibration in her pocket, she checked her phone and answered it. ‘’Hello, Tiffany here for spirit or ghost hunting how may I help you?’’ On the opposite line was a man. ‘’Um, yes me and my girlfriend, Susy need to talk to you in person come to 78 Alexander street, good bye.’’ Tiffany told Chloe the news then zoomed off! The man and Susy were outside waiting when Susy said ‘’We’re in a rush.’’
‘’Ok.’’ The girls said in unison. ‘’I’m Susy I usually live at 333 spirit drive but it is haunted so I am staying with Simon, so when you go there be careful!’’
‘’Ok we’ll be there first thing in the morning to check it out!’’
The girls always went where they were needed. But today they needed to go home and have a big rest.

The next morning Tiffany awoke and texted Chloe to meet her at the address Susy had told them. When they arrived they knocked on the big wooden door but it opened its self, suddenly…Tiffany and Chloe disappeared!

The end!