If I Could Turn Back Time

Constant screaming and yelling, sleepless nights, melancholia, this was my life.
I am a depressed insomniac. Every day my parents grow further apart. Ongoing screaming is all I hear each and everyday. Although sometimes I do wonder to myself how and why did my life end up like this? Before the countless arguing and hatred, my parents and I were inseparable. We used to call ourselves the three musketeers. Saturday was our special day. On saturdays we would have family movie nights, play boardgames and share a delectable large strawberry milkshake. Nowadays all my parents seem to do is scream and show hostility towards each other. It feels so surreal, like my life has taken a major leap in the wrong direction. If I could only turn back time and re- live the joyous moments where laughter filled the room. But I know truly deep down in my heart and soul those untroubled days will never come again.