My Favourite.

My favourite.

I have a lot of teddy bears, but fluffy is my favourite.
I also have a lot of cars and trucks, but the monster trucks are my favourite.
I have 2 dogs, but Ollie is my favourite.
I also like Vegemite and butter on my toast, but peanut butter is my favourite.
I like superheroes, but cartoons are my favourite.
I have a lot of favourites, but my brothers do too.
Their favourite is also fluffy.
They also love the monster trucks.
Ollie is their favourite.
And they also like peanut butter on their toast!
The worst part about it, is mum makes us share our favourites!
She makes us take turns and it's unfair.
Charlie always gets the first turns with the trucks.
Nick is always first with the dog.
Joseph always gets to watch his cartoons on tv!
I never get the first turn.
I am always the one to do the dishes while Joseph is on tv.
I am always the one to ask to play.
I am always the one who has to wait,
It’s just not fair!
They never give me my turn.
They always hog the toys.
All I can do is do chores and play with the stupid toys.
I want my own fluffy!
I want my own trucks,
I want my own TV!
It’s just not fair!
But the one thing I want the most,
Is to play with my siblings.
Charlie always tells me it's his turn,
And Nick says Ollie's his dog.
Joseph always watches the cartoons I don’t like,
It's just not fair!
Mum always makes the turns, and I always get the second go.
If I want to play with the trucks I will, but everyone else will still have a longer go!
It's Just not fair!