Everybodys Special

Hi, I’m Jazmin and I am a telling you about a thing that happened in my life. I was only 5 or 5 and a half when this happened but I still remember most of it or parts of that mum told me. So, I am going to start.
One morning my mum got up ready to leave for the hospital and give birth to my little brother. I was only aware of his gender not anything else. When my mum left, I was so ready for when she called to tell us when we could come and meet him. I waited and waited for mum to call and she finally called I was so excited; I was on my way to meet my little brother. When we got to the hospital and went to the room my mum was in. My brother was all purple and crying. I was kind of scared something was wrong with him, but a doctor said he was fine, so I stopped worrying. We were told by mum his name is Mason. We sat there for a couple minutes while mum packed up her stuff to leave when a nurse came in and said that there was something wrong with him. It was scary and I was scared. I don’t remember what happened after but next thing that happens is him and mum are on a plane to Brisbane and the rest of the family waited to hear from mum on when we could fly there too. It toke us a while to get there, and I was feeling sick because it was my first time on a plane. I had an indescribable feeling like scared, worried and a lot more feelings mixed. we finally got to Brisbane and headed to the hospital. we had to wait a few minutes to be let in to see Mason, he was connected to this machine which I assumed helped him to breathe. I remember holding his tiny little hand and a tear ran down my face. I was scared I was going to lose him but then I remembered the doctors will do everything in their power to make to keep him alive. But then I didn't know what was happening. I was taken out of the room Mason was in and so was the family. We waited hours but still heard nothing. Then mum came out a bit later and she said that Mason had been put into surgery and he was getting heart surgery to fix his heart because that was the problem I cried a bit but that's what needed to be done. It was scary we dad and the rest of the family left the hospital and left mum to stay with mason. He had the surgery it toke a while and so we went to stay with our pop. We came back to the hospital the next day and his surgery was a success. He was in the hospital for a few weeks before we got to take him home. So, I would like to thank nurses and doctors for doing their job. Mason is 5 now and in prep, he happy and healthy now. He will need more surgery’s in the future.
Everybody’s special