Shattered Soul

There is a deep void of nothingness inside me,
Like a black pit that consumes me whole.
No light can penetrate, no feelings present beyond despair.
Nothing brings joy, happiness, or pleasure.
Instead, the tears stream down like waterfalls,
The perennial façade utterly draining me; endlessly desolated.
No one understands what it’s like, the ceaseless chasm inside of me,
Sometimes I cannot move, cannot speak, only stare.
The thought of letting it all go is a constant consideration.
I am not living, merely letting the time slip by,
Waiting, always waiting, for something to change.
But it seems that all my hope has been shattered into pieces,
And there is nothing that can mend my crippled heart.
I am fading away, little by little,
Spiralling down into the depths of my despair…
It’s only a matter of time.

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