Locked Doors

"Did I lock the door after getting pizza?" Alison wondered while she was watching a movie. As she stood up to check, she heard whispering voices. She realised that it was coming from the movie. Still slightly scared, she sprinted to the back door and found it unlocked. Carelessly, she secured the door not realising there was a piece of tissue paper stuck between the lock. Alison had always been slightly absent-minded but since her parents trip abroad, it had increased. She returned upstairs to continue her movie when she heard voices again but this time it was not coming from the movie. It was from outside. Like a newborn foal learning to walk, she stumbled across the room to close all the windows and blinds. In an instant the owners of the gruff voice tried to open the door by kicking and slamming into it. Alison clutched her phone and retreated to the far end of her room. With one final groan from the door, the goons were closer to their target.

Alison had a thought that if they decided to venture upstairs and they saw the warm pizza and the television on, they would have definitely known someone was home. Creeping out of her room, she was a mouse about to clean her mess. Afterwards, she crawled down the stairs to see which room the goons were in but she forgot one small detail. The third step from the bottom always made a creak if any pressure was applied. When Alison crawled onto that step, the creak echoed throughout the house and her heart dropped to her feet and her breath stopped. With as much silence as she could possibly muster, she raced up the stairs into her room and hid amongst the clothes in her closet. She was mortified and imagined the worst. Would her fate be in the hands of evil? Realising she should have called the police earlier, she grabbed her phone but there was no dial tone.

A chill ran down her spine when she heard the criminals climb the stairs. Hairs stood up on the back of her neck as she could see the men in full form. Stupidly, she tried to take a photo but the flash was on and one of the intruders happened to see the flash of light and darted in her direction. With tears streaming down her face, Alison frantically rummaged through her closet before deciding that her hockey stick would be her shield. As the man opened the door, Alison struck him across the face with a mighty blow that would determine her fate. The other man met the same punishment. As the two remained unconscious on the floor, Alison thanked her Aunt Gwenda for persuading her to join hockey because she demonstrated her talent.